These Cockapoo Puppies are SOLD!!!WAITING LIST INFO


PUPPIES PICTURED TO THE LEFT ARE SOLD!There is no guarantee for any one color from any one litter no matter the color of the parents. The more flexible you are in color/gender the quicker you will have a puppy.  DO NOT make a deposit to be on the PAID Wait List if you are dead set on a specific color/gender combination!  If you are flexible in your desires for a puppy I would love to work with you!




We now have ONE PAID WAIT LIST for all litters.   This list is based on the order in which deposits are received. After the puppies are born, we will give people on the waiting list the choice of whether or not to choose a puppy from the currently available litter(s). If you choose to wait for another litter, you will keep your spot on our waiting list. This new policy will help families on our waiting list get a puppy sooner in the event one or more of our moms does not get pregnant as planned.  

When a litter of Cockapoo Puppies is born I will send a notice out to those on the Wait List and the happy news that puppies are here!  That email will give you a link to follow for some general pictures of that litter and some information regarding gender, color, pick up dates, when pupppy selection will begin.

Puppy Selection is not started until the puppies are 10 to 14 days old and I feel they are healthy, gaining weight and look good to my eyes and feel good in my hands.

At that time I will start with the first family on the list and offer them their choice of the puppies in that litter.  Puppies will be chosen in the order in which deposits are received. Once you are notified it is your family's turn you will have 24 hours from time of notification to give us your choice of  1) your puppy choice in that litter or 2) pass and wait for another litter.  If we cannot reach you within that 24 hours timeframe we will bypass your name and continue with the next family on the waiting list and your deposit will be forfeited.  All corrrespondence for the Wait List is done by email.

If you PASS for another litter your name stays on the Wait List and moves up as others in front of you select puppies.

There are no refunds whatsoever for Wait List Deposits. 

When selecting your Cockapoo Puppy pay attention to the GO HOME dates. Cockapoo Puppies must go home on the dates specified. No exceptions.  If you cannot pick up on the date(s) provided please wait for another litter.

There is a $300 nonrefundable deposit (plus $12 PayPal Fees) to be placed on the Wait List.  This $300 nonrefundable deposit is applied to the price of your Cockapoo Puppy.  

If you have any questions please send me an EMAIL US!

CLICK HERE to see the List of Wait List Families

CONTACT LIST OPTION!  If you prefer to not place a waitl ist deposit that is perfectly fine! Please send me an email and I will add your name to my Contact List. Once Cockapoo Puppies are made available on the website I will email those on the Contact List that puppies are now available on the website.  This email will be sent once all famiies on the paid wait list have had an opportunity to select a puppy from the offered litter(s).