Wait List

UPDATED:  May 19, 2020

Our general Waiting List requires a $100 nonrefundable deposit. Wait List deposits are nonrefundable for any reason.  Once you have paid your deposit your name will go on my Waiting List (below) and you will be notified via email of your position on the Waiting List.  Please read the Health Warranty completely before placing a deposit on a Cockapoo puppy. By placing a nonrefundable/transferable deposit on a Cockapoo puppy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within the Health Warranty.

Once you place a nonrefundable Wait List deposit you will be required to TAKE HOME a Cockapoo Puppy within 12 (twelve) months from the date you placed the nonrefundable $100 deposit.  

We  have ONE LIST for all litters. This list is based on the dates payments are received.   As each litter is born we  give the families on the waiting list the choice of selecting a puppy from the litter(s) offered or waiting for another litter.

Puppies are selected by pictures only (read Visting on the Purchase Information Page). Puppy Selection will start when Cockapoo puppies are about 10-14 days old with the first family on the Wait List and moving down.   Each family will have 24  hours once notified to select a puppy from the litter(s) offered or pass for another litter.   If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of notification of selection you will be removed from the Waiting List and your deposit forfeited.  

Once you have accepted a puppy for your family  you will be required to place an additional $300 nonrefundable nontransferable deposit within 72 hours of selection. Balance $1300 is due, cash only, at pick up (See Purchasing Information page).  All deposits are applied to the price of the Cockapoo Puppy.

Cockapoo Puppies are $1700 See Purchasing Information page for more Information.

Listed below are the Wait List Families (Updated 5/19/20):

  1. Pocock - Female - Color Undecided
  2. Hall, S. - Female - Color Undecided
  3. Hall, J. - Female - Lighter Color (No Brown)
  4. Tillman - Female - Preferred, Red
  5. Ksiazek - Male - Apricot/Red
  6. Kitzes - Male - Color Undecided
  7. Packard - Female Preferred - Color No Preference
  8. Hart - Gender No Preference - Chocolate
  9. Wright - Female - No Color Preference
  10. Mishra - Gender and Color - No Preference
  11. Tarnawsky - Female - Color Undecided
  12. Ewah - Male - Any Color But Brown
  13. McKinney - Gender No Preference - Apricot or Red
  14. Morton - Male - Color No Preference
  15. Hackett - Male Preferred - Color No Preference
  16. Bessinger -  Gender and Color - No Preference
  17. Tombesi - Gender and Color - No Preference
  18. Barbalato - Gender and Color - No Preference
  19. Zbikowski/Braddy - Male - Buff/Apricot/Red
  20. Anderson - Gender Undecided -  Apricot/Red
  21. Costello -  Male - Apricot, Red, Buff 
  22. Bartig - Female Preferred - Lighter Color*
  23. Cercenia - Gender and Color - No Preference*
  24. Alston - Gender Undecided - Buff, Apricot, Red*
  25. Borsuk - Female - Apricot*
  26. Brown K. - Male - Cream, Buff, Apricot, Red (No Brown)*
  27. Carter - Female - Cream, Buff, Apricot, Red*
  28. Westbrook - Gender and Color - Undecided*
  29. Ryan/August - Male - Color Undecided*
  30. Lovitt - Male - Apricot*
  31. McRath - Female - Any Color (No Brown or Black)*
  32. Brown J. - Male - Buff*

If you would like to be on the Wait List  you may send $104 via PayPal (there is a $4 fee for PayPal) to acurapuppies@gmail.com or $100 via Venmo to @DVLaan (last four of phone number is 2400).  Please be sure to send an email if you send a Wait List Deposit with your name, phone number, email address and color/gender you are looking to bring into your family.

Any questions? CONTACT US

I do host a Contact List. If you do not want to place a deposit to be on the Wait List CONTACT US.  Your name & email address will be placed on the Contact List and you will be notified 1) when Cockapoo Puppies are available on the website 2) litter announcements, 3) special offers and 4) other pertinent information.  Your mailbox is not flooded with email from me.