Pricing, Deposits, Picking Up, Visits


Cockapoo Puppies are $1850.00 no matter color or gender, time of year.
Prices include the 8% South Carolina Sales Tax and all applicable taxes.
Some Cockapoo Breeders add the 8% SC Sales Tax on top of the Purchase Price.  We do not.  Our Cockapoo Puppy Price includes all applicable taxes!

Prices are subject to change without notice depending on colors/availability and demand.

Cockapoo puppies are ready for new homes at 7 - 8 weeks old. Cockapoo Puppies go home 1) Health Warranty, 2) tail docked and their dew claws removed, 3) age appropriate parasite treatments, 4) vet check at 7 weeks which includes a fecal exam, 5) first puppy vaccine (DAPP) which is the first puppy vaccine in a series of three, 6) a complete medical record for your veterinarian at pick up 7) Microchiped for theft and loss with prepaid microchip registration, 8) a toy that the siblings have played with so they have the scent of "home", 9) a collar they will be wearing when you pick them up, 10) goody bag with toys that are favorites here and some other sweet things for your Cockapoo Puppy and 11) Super Puppy How To Raise the Best Dog You'll Ever Have! Training Book (can never have enough training info!).

Please read the Health Warranty completely before placing a nonrefundable/transferable deposit on a puppy. By placing a nonrefundable/transferable deposit on a Cockapoo puppy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this Health Warranty.

Please print keep a copy of the Health Warranty. Hard copies are not provided at pick up.


We require a $400 nonrefundable/transferable deposit in order to hold the Cockapoo puppy of your choice. This deposit is not transferable to another Cockapoo puppy or litter of Cockapoos. The puppy you place your deposit on is the puppy you will take home with you. If you would like to place a nonrefundable/transferable deposit on a Puppy please contact me.

Deposits are not refundable unless at the 7 week well pet veterinarian visit my veterinarian finds a health issue that renders the puppy unfit for purchase. No exceptions. If this happens your options are 1) select an available puppy, 2) refund of deposit or 3) go to the top of the Wait List.


Puppies must go home on the dates specified; no exceptions. If you cannot take a puppy from a particular litter on the dates posted for pick up please wait for another litter. Puppies typically are ready for new homes the Friday afternoon & Saturday morning the week they turn 7 weeks old, vet checked and have a negative fecal exam.

Most families opt to pick up their Cockapoo puppy from our home on the dates specified when the deposit was made. Puppies must go home on the dates specified. No exceptions. Pick up location, address & directions, can be found on the HOME page at the bottom of the page.

We do offer delivery service.   Our driver will meet you up to 250 miles from our location.  The rate for delivery is $1.70 per mile, one way, based on Mapquest.  If you chose to have our Cockapoo puppy delivered to a place near your home or if traveling further a place in between please let me know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made  to secure a driver for your delivery needs.  Please CONTACT US if you would like information on delivery.

We do offer to meet you at our local airport (Columbia Metropolitan Airport, CAE). You can fly into CAE and leave for home the same day.  The fee to meet you at the airport, supply all the flight needs for the puppy, is $125.  Most airlines do charge a fee for the puppy to fly home with you in the cabin.  Please CONTACT US if you would like information on an airport delivery.

We do not ship our Cockapoo puppies via airlines in the cargo and we no longer offer a Pet Nanny Service however 


Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) all visits to see puppies (purchased or not) are suspended until further notice.  We want to keep every safe and healthy, social distances.  Puppy pick ups will be allowed of course, with precautions to protect everyone.  Thank you for your understanding in this time of uncertainty.

Puppies are selected by pictures via the website ONLY.  Parvovirus and other disease(s) are always a concern as the immune systems on puppies is not yet developed and can render a puppy (and others in the nursery) ill or worse, dead.  

If you wish to visit the Cockapoo Puppy you have placed a deposit on you are more than welcome to do so the Saturday morning after your puppy turns 6 weeks old only. This visit will only be allowed if no other puppies are going home that week end and no other plans with family have been made.

Puppies are seen in my home and not the puppy nursery. I used to allow families into my nursery to see moms/puppies, how puppies are raised but someone inadvertently I am sure, brought in parvovirus. I lost 19 puppies in about 4 weeks' time. It was a devastating time for me not to mention the families that had placed deposits on these puppies. I closed myself down for almost three months. My vet and I worked diligently to try and save each one to include blood transfusions from adults, IV's, hospital care, testing, special diets, holistic remedies, more and nothing could save them. I took puppies to the Clemson University for necropsies as we thought maybe I had more than just parvo but it was nothing more. The Pathologist and I sat and discussed things that could have changed in my routine and the only thing was that a family visited and brought in the disease. Before I could have any more puppies in the nursery everything had to be removed, burned if it could be or soaked in bleach. The room was sprayed with bleach every day. My husband made troughs so I could soak all the crates, my crate floors and other doggie equipment. It was heartbreaking and an experience I do not care to repeat. Therefore no visits are allowed until a puppy has had its first puppy vaccine, DAPP.

My first commitment is to the animals I have here and then the families who have already placed a deposit on a Cockapoo Puppy.

Parvo is very virulent, contagious and dangerous to puppies and most do not survive it. If you step in the same spot that I have stepped and I had previously stepped in feces of a dog shedding parvo, then you will be carrying the virus on the bottom of your shoe and wherever you step after that point, could now have parvo virus. Parvo can live under a blanket of snow for up to 7 months and about the only thing that will destroy this virus is bleach (I use a lot of bleach on a regular basis. I keep a spray bottle full and use it liberally and often.) I must try to protect all my puppies. While puppies should have some immunity provided by mom, you can never be certain of their level of immunity until after they have had a series of vaccinations.

Also, please be advised that due to insurance and liability requirements, our adult dogs will likely be secured away at the time of your visit. When we purchased our home and obtained insurance, the insurance required this despite the fact that we have not had an aggressive incident. Also an adult may jump up to welcome a visitor and inadvertently scratch an arm. Some would pass it off as an excited, happy dog others would perceive it to be an act of aggression and sue.