Miniature Poodle Dads

These are the mini poodle boys that sire our First Generation Cockapoos her at Acura Cockapoo Puppies, LLC


Brown Miniature Poodle

Henry is a happy dog with a bright outlook on life.  He is always up for a game of fetch or just a good hug and a kiss! Henry is an extremely sweet natured and has a fun personality. Extremely healthy! Henry is about 13" tall and 12 lbs.  We are looking forward to some wonderful brown Cockapoo Puppies in the summer when bred to Chloe or Bailey!

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Red Miniature Poodle

Mickey is a handsome red poodle who absolutely adores being held and carried around.  He loves to be the center of attention.  Mickey has a sweet playful attitude on life. Mickey is about 13" tall and 13 lbs.

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Red Miniature Poodle

Presley is a happy, outgoing dog that loves to play fetch and takes time to sit in your lap.  He is very well behaved and is a very obedient little fella.  Presley is 14" tall and 12 lbs.

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Red Miniature Poodle

Milo is owned and loved by Pat Jaimes at Florida Cockapoos in Tampa, FL, Milo, although he is a red poodle, carries the gene for brown, black, cream to apricot/red Cockapoo Puppies.   Milo is about 14" tall and 15 lbs.  This will be the only litter Mio produces here at Acura Cockapoos, Inc.

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Our newest poodle boy, LYLES, will be joining us around March 12, 2020! A handsome red puppy boy from Iowa who we are hoping will produce some amazing F1 Cockapoo Puppies this fall!  Picture and DNA information coming soon!