Breeder Recommendations

I am asked all the time about other Cockapoo Breeders I can recommend.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend many.  Not many do I have personal knowledge of their care and love for the dogs/puppies.  

Remember it is worth making a road trip/week end to pick up the right Cockapoo Puppy from the right Cockapoo Breeder.   The other option is a Pet Transport that will pick up your Cockapoo Puppy and bring the Puppy directly to your home.  This is becoming a very common mode of transport since airlines no longer will, for the most part, ship puppies.  

I highly recommend researching each Cockapoo Breeder, ask for veterinarian references (others from past customers will all be glowing because why would anyone give you a reference that would be bad?), call and talk with the breeder, ask questions, feel good about the person you are buying your Cockapoo puppy from.  

Please be willing to wait for a Cockapoo puppy if you like what you hear/see in a Cockapoo Breeder.  The right Cockapoo Puppy is worth waiting for!

I highly recommend:

TONIA HATCHER  at Attala County Cockapoos in Mississippi.

PAT JAIMES at Florida Cockapoos in Tampa, Florida.

There are NO Cockapoo Breeders I can recommend in the Northeastern states of the USA. Sadly those in New York and beyond have proven themselves, to me, not worthy of the title "Cockapoo  Breeder".  

There are some I can definitely NOT recommend and would be happy to share via EMAIL.